The first 3 months in America!
Feb to April 2001


The Stinking Rose
San Francisco's garlic restaurant recommended by Martin from London;
where Sandeep treated us for lunch.


Phil driving on the wrong side!


We really are here!


erm... Freeway.


erm... Bridge.


Our gym.


Lots of metal.


Deepa's favorite supermarket


...where organic vegetables and fruit are a plenty!


Belgian beer available here!


Our apartment.




Shipping crates before.


Shipping crates after.


After as well.


Kitchen hardly used :-)


Thinking about Directing.


Bedroom view.


Our Norwalk Juicer.


Want a drink?


First, grind veg into pulp.


Second, crush it.


Marie-Laure & Francois took the pics.


First American 3D Ordeal.