Simple 'Chair Station' (Feb 2013)


Working on some vibration dampening camera mounts (Dec 2012)

Finally a CC3D Quad (Dec 2012)

Building a new quad with no vibration dampening to test out some GoPro vibration mount ideas (Dec 2012)

Underside (Dec 2012)

Test quad design (Dec 2012)

Three battery connector for parrallel batteries (Nov 2012)


Excuse the shorts I was going running (Nov 2012)


Carries the stereo GoPros without props in shot (Nov 2012)


Has 'movement limiter' bolts to save the top vibe plate. (Nov 2012)


Fits in hand luggage (Nov 2012)


This time big enough for 10" props (Nov 2012)


Making another attempt at the folding quad (Nov 2012)


Ready for a test flight (Nov 2012)



Ready for traveling (Nov 2012)


Testing the folding legs (Nov 2012)


Ready for a test fly 1900g (Nov 2012)


408g not too bad (Nov 2012)


Top plate design (Nov 2012)


Folding Arm Quad (Nov 2012)


Working on another idea (Nov 2012)


Fixed my beaten up GoPros with some replacement lenses that also get rid of the fish eye - Sunex DSL945D-650 f2.8 (Nov 2012)


OK got it down to 450g so far (Nov 2012)


Lets see if we can save some weight this time on my Jello Free Quad Frame (Nov 2012)


This is saving a little over 30% in weight (Nov 2012)


Ready for first test flight - It went well (Nov 2012)


Much less vibration from the top plate sitting on the silicone isolators - nice (Nov 2012)


Vibrations from the motor plates (Nov 2012)


Trying out the vibration isolator idea (Nov 2012)


Time for a new frame (Nov 2012)


Ah looking good. Got my prescription lenses inside and headphone all lined up. (Nov 2012)


My EVG920's had a bad connection so fixed it and Ski modded them as well (Nov 2012)


Wifey needs Goggles as well. (Nov 2012)


Its almost a tin foil hat - don't want any light getting in...or heat (Nov 2012)


Prescription FPV goggles - HeadPlay (Nov 2012)

10" props, 1250kv Tiger motors and a very rigid frame makes for great flying if a little heavy (Oct 2012)


I decided to forget weight and just make a really stiff frame (Oct 2012)


oops (Oct 2012)


Xmen Cyclops (Oct 2012)


Cross bracing as it had too much flex for good flying. (Oct 2012)


Mini Cam Quad and the Hat Station. It fits in hand luggage. (Oct 2012)


New leg idea (Oct 2012)




How small can I make this? (Oct 2012)



Folding quad ended up too flexible. Need to rework this. (Oct 2012)


Virtual folding Quad


Oh great idea that I must steal (Oct 2012)


Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaay (Oct 2012)


UK visit (Oct 2012)


Flying in India (Sept 2012)



Delhi (Sept 2012)


Its just hand luggage (Aug 2012)


Don't cry Will it is just FPV (July 2012)


Another Wood frame (July 2012)


No guests in this room now (June 2012)


Visitors can go for a fly though (June 2012)


Oh I have a new Quad idea (June 2012)


More Photoshop planning (June 2012)


My FPV quad and Hat Station (May 2012)


3D CAM FPV for 3D video while flying (Feb 2012)


My first Quad Dec 2011