Pump-Action video owners Scenes file page

Yes it is true!

I have decided to make Pump-Action files available to all who have supported the project by purchasing the Pump-Action Video. If you have not yet got a copy, please visit the sales page to see what you are missing and place an order.

Thanks for your support.

These downloads are extracts from the actual scene files that produced Pump-Action and have been made available as a bonus for all Pump-Action Video owners on a strictly non-commercial basis. By that, I mean have fun with them and learn from them - you can even put them in your movies or stills but do not distribute them or use them for financial gain without contacting me in advance.

You will of course need Cinema 4D XL5 or 6 to open the files although some scenes may open in other versions of Cinema. You can find out more about this software at the bottom of the sales page - free demo available from Maxon.

Also Free StuffIt Expander available from Aladdin Systems.

I will be adding files to this section on a request basis. So let me know what you would like to see and visit often to check out the latest files.

Cheers...Captain 3D


Balloon Dog bounces on boxes
Key elements -
Animation Keyframes

This scene file contains the complete animation of Balloon dog in the scene where he bounces, as Vic takes aim before being trapped bettween two boxes.


404 kb

The Pump-Action building
Key elements -
Lighting & textures

This scene file contains the complete location where Pump-Action is set. All textures for the building are included along with the full lighting rig that took over two weeks of experimentation to set up. Have a good look at the many texture files used to create the scene and try switching off various lights to see what difference they make.


XL6 - 3.6 MB

Thonet Chair
Key element - UV mapped textures

This is the chair used in the torture scene. I chose this particular Thonet Vienna cafe chair for its curvy bent wood shape. I was very familiar with it from my furniture design background and thought it was quite sympathetic to Balloon Boys body as well as providing the required bars for securing his hands.

XL6 - 0.9 MB

Cardboard Box
Key element - Reflection mapped textures

Ths is one of the 'star' boxes that fill the set of Pump-Action. The textures originate from a real box that still lives under my stairs. See how reflection maps were used to create shiney tape alongside matt cardboard.

XL6 - 0.6 MB

Galvanised Bin
Key element - Displacement mapped textures

The Galvanised Bin is another key prop from Pump-Action. See how displacement maps are used to sculpt the bin ribs.

XL6 - 1 MB