Blade Runner Street Scene – Digital Painting

I underestimated the work involved in this one.

I liked the look of this Blade Runner scene and just started painting my own version. A few days in I thought I might abandon it for something simpler, but glad I battled through. Next time I really must get the geometry 100% dialed in before painting any detail.

You can see the full process in this youtube time-lapse…

This level of finish was not really what I planned to do and I might give it another go where I try to force a one hour version instead of the sixty hours I spent here.

Halfway though this project I found a 24HD Cintiq, with a broken stand, on ebay for $450 – bargain. It also has failing backlight tubes so I have to keep it on 24/7 as it needs to be warm or it will not light up. A heat gun worked to get it going the first time. Look out for ‘tube replacement’ as a future project..

I just found this image online showing the original matte painting by Michele Moen.

For some kind of contrast to the detailed version I blocked out this. Not sure if I like it or not.

Something from the Archive – April 1991

In April 1991, I took my first stereo photograph using two SLR cameras, shooting slide film.  Freeview the side x side or find some anaglyph glasses for 3D…

The Rocker was a final year project at Newcastle Polytechnic made in 1988.