Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds racing up El Capitan

Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds on the big wall

I loved this time lapse video of Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds racing up The Nose of El Capitan so I  painted a frame…

On a cold, misty morning in late October 2017, after 11 previous attempts, Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds broke the standing speed record on The Nose (formerly held by Alex Honnold and Hans Florine) with an unbelievable new time of 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 44 seconds. Watching this as it happened was one of the more incredible spectacles I’ve ever witnessed; an amazing display of superhuman mastery unlike anything I’ve seen before…


Morning Track Workout

It can be pretty cloudy on the Skyline track in the morning. Nice for running.

Two miles warm up, six miles at 6:20 pace and half a mile cool down. Average heart rate 158 bpm. This will be the last speed workout before the San Francisco Marathon on July 29th 2018. It went well considering a calf pull a few weeks back. This puts me somewhere around a 3 hour 15 min marathon result if all goes well.